Tuesday, August 25, 2009

RB's Custom-made Wallets

Ron's wallets are one of a kind. They are designed based on your needs, desires and wants. The are formed with great craftsmanship and artistry. Functionality, aesthetic features and durability are the marks of these wallets. Ron's signature lacing and stitching style makes his leather wallets long-lasting. His western tooling talent if applied in the wallet designs creates a new sense of beauty and art, and would make these wallets unique, fashionable and one of your best "keeps". Ideal for holiday gifts. We are now accepting custom-made orders for the upcoming holidays.

                                  Men's Wallet                                                       

                                                                    Women's Purse

Black Wallet with Mushroom Design

Personalized Women's Wallet     
                                                       The Biker's Wallet

                                                      The 30-year old  RB's wallet

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